They’re going to LOVE your thoughtful and unique gift!

Valentine’s Day is a day of recognizing love - but it doesn’t have to be love for your significant other, it can be about expressing your love for anybody that it’s important for you.

Gifts are a wonderful way to express your love and show them that you’re thinking about them. Who doesn’t love chocolates, flowers, and champagne… BUT, you know what people love more than just a gift? A heartfelt message that shows how much you care. It’s practically priceless! ⁠

At vimi, we’re all about helping you easily create and send memorable, personalized messages that people can cherish forever (or as long as they want - we’re not judging!).

This year, we invite you to make your gift extra special by including a personalized vimi. Would your loved one be over the moon to receive a gift along with a surprise video from you? We’ve compiled a few ideas for gifts as well as what you could create in your vimi… full credit goes to you of course. *wink

As you read, think about what would make your loved ones heart grow 3 sizes that day. Do you know what their love language is? That will help guide you to choosing the perfect gift.

Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

  • Take them to all of their favourite places. Perhaps they have a love for a certain coffee or tea shop, restaurant, hike or trail, museum, art gallery, or winery.
  • Curate a love box. It’s more than chocolates, flowers, and wine! What else does your loved one adore that you can put in a box and surprise them?
  • Couples massage or spa day. If quality time is their love language, this is an excellent option.
  • Get a puzzle made of their favourite photo of you two.
  • Commission a piece of art from a local artist - perhaps a portrait of a beloved pet?
  • Plan out one year of monthly date nights. Use a basket and 12 large envelopes. Gather all of the details for each date night and insert them into the envelopes. Hello, fun anticipation!

Using vimi to Create a Special Valentine's Day Moment

  • Spiff up a bouquet of flowers with a vimi - banish those impersonal notes.
  • Hang a vimi on a beautiful bottle of wine for a night to remember.
  • Slip a vimi inside that gorgeous gift box from the jeweller and show your loved one exactly how you feel.
  • Have a chocolate lover in your life? Surprise them with a personalized vimi inside the box of chocolates!
  • Write out your wedding vows or love letter, then slip a vimi of you reading it inside the envelope. You could also attach this to a gift for something extra special.
  • If you have an iPhone, they do cool memory videos that you can use on your vimi - what special memories are on your phone that your loved one might love to reminisce on?
  • Place the gift on their night stand with the vimi. Make a recording and tell them why you love them and about all of the fun things you have planned for today.
  • Do you have a “spot”? Visit the place you went on your first date or a memorable place in your relationship. Record your vimi there (perhaps telling them all the reasons you love them and an invitation to join you there in the evening)
  • Treasure hunt! This one is sooo much fun. Use a series of vimis to create a treasure hunt, each location contains a video clue on where to go next. Make sure there is an epic grand prize waiting for them when they finish!