A day to recognize and celebrate women everywhere

International Women's Day is coming up on March 8th - what a great opportunity to recognize and celebrate the women in your life with something special that's so easy to do!

Every human life, past, present or future, owes its existence to a woman.

There are some inescapable truths in all of our lives, like the one above. It’s also true that most of us need a gentle nudge or reminder to recognize and celebrate the women in our lives. This is one of the many reasons why, for over 100 years, we choose to dedicate a day in March every year to celebrate women. Do you remember the last time you took a moment to tell them what they mean to you? Share how much you appreciate them? Remind them of the joyful experiences you’ve shared together?

Now, I know that finding the right greeting card or gift to express your appreciation for the women in your life is not the easiest thing for everybody to do, so it’s a good thing we have an easy solution that they’ll absolutely love!

This year, we invite you to think about some of the special women in your life that you want to recognize and celebrate - your mother, your grandmother, your sister, your aunt, your best friend, your wife, your colleague, your employee, your leader, your mentor - and use one of our vimi gift tags to send them a unique, personal message that shows them how much you appreciate them. Here's an example of what you can dish up pretty quickly with vimi:

A vimi gift tag takes the special feeling of receiving a handwritten note and combines it with the wonderful world of videos and photos we live in today in order to create a beautiful offering for the special women in your life.

If you have a special gift already picked out, add your vimi gift tag and tell them why you picked this gift for them - maybe it reminded you of their strength and determination, perhaps the kindness and love they bring to your life, or the warmth and joy they share with others. Whatever you choose to do, make it personal and I guarantee that they’ll think it’s priceless!

The positive impact we can have around the world starts with each of us taking a step to recognize and celebrate the women in our lives.

Be the catalyst for a better, brighter, equal future for all women.